About us




  • Making products that fulfill tomorrow’s dreams and capture the imagination, in partnership with our customers.


  • Sharing the hardships and joys along the way…


  • So you’ll say “i’m glad we choose “ISHA”


  • At ” ISHA ” we always welcome challenges. it’s a sprint backed by the information processing technologies we’ve develop through the years and our open minded approch to new ideas.


  • we delivers various print needs from preliminary design concepts to print production with cutting-edge technology, finishing, binding and packing.


  • We delivers high quality commercial print services to its clientele all over across India.


  • we run the drive and vision to deliver entire print needs under one roof.


  • we print multi-colour jobs only on KOMORI Auto Plate CIP-3 machine for highest resolution prints.




Komori Series LITHRONE 528 Machine

  • Programmable Cutting Machine
  • Loop Stiching Machine
  • Die Cutting Machine
  • Lamination Machine
  • Auto Plate CIP-3
  • Facilities Under Single Roof




  • We work openly and constructively together as one team across boundaries and geographies


  • We look to build strong, effective relationships, working in teams across the world


  • We encourage and motivate others to contribute, actively seeking their feedback


  • We always put the team before the individual, recognising that we rely on each other to succeed